Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a security system cost?

As with anything you purchase the cost can very depending on your needs and the choices you make. Advanced Protection strives to give you complete protection at a competitive cost.

Should I buy a nationally advertised security system offered at low cost?

These low cost systems will not adequately protect most homes. Additional equipment for these systems is sold at inflated prices and is usually leased. These systems end up costing more than a properly designed purchased system from Advanced Protection.

Should I have my security system monitored?

Yes, a monitored system protects you while your home or away. If the property is burglarized or a fire occurs the proper authority and you will be notified. There is also savings with your insurance company when you have a monitored system.

Will I be able to use my security system when I am home?

Yes, our security systems are designed to give you maximum protection while your home or away.

What are your hours?

24 hours a day, please call anytime.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, estimates are FREE.

Are there reference I can contact about your company?

Yes, We will furnish references upon request.